Principal's Message

STEPPING INTO 2021, keep your faith, spirits and determination undeterred and you shall walk the glory road.

Dear Bedean families,

As we stand at the threshold of 2021, waiting for the curtain to come down and open again to unveil the stage for 2021, we are all called to be players on a stage with many entrances and exits.

The experience of going through '2020' was no doubt a rough patch, a chapter in our lives that opened a Pandora's box but as we close one chapter and begin a new one it's time to give thanks for all the hurdles and difficult times we have overcome....

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We are delighted to hear over whelming responses from parents. Such words of appreciation and encouragement are like a beacon of hope for our dedicated team of teachers and management. We are extremely appreciative of the positivity, flexibility and resilience shown by the parent community during these testing times.

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  • 1 . December 7th - Orientation on World Disability Day (Class 8)
  • 2 . December 14th -18th -Online Appraisal 2(Classes 1-9)
  • 3 . December 22nd- Christmas Program