Click Here to Download II Summative Assessment Time Table

There are 4 Formative Assessments and 2 Summative Assessments during the courses of the year.
Progress Reports of the pupils are given to the parents after each examination. For promotion at the end of the year, the whole year’s work is taken into consideration along with the Annual Examination.
Pupils absent from Examinations/ Tests without the permission of the Principal will be given Zero for each paper they are absent for zero for each paper they are absent for.
Pupils who are caught copying during any test or examination may be detained or asked to leave the School irrespective of their academic performance.
Books or Papers of any kind should not be brought to the Examination Hall by the pupils. Every pupil should have the required writing/drawing materials and no lending or borrowing is permitted in the Examination Hall.
Absolute Silence is to be maintained in the Examination Hall. Pupils who make use of unfair means during examination will be severely dealt with at the discretion of the Headmaster. Those who help others in anyway to have resources to unfair means will also be dealt with in the same manner.
Tests and Examinations should be taken on the specified days. No separate test will be conducted for absentees.
Well done Cards : 90%>
Merit Cards : 75%>
Ranks : 35%>
Failed in all subjects : 35%<
Rolling cup is awarded term wise for the House that has obtained the Highest Percentage of Passes.