Rules & Regulation


  1. Every pupil must have a copy of the school handbook during school hours failing which he may not be admitted to class. The Hand book should be kept neat, tidy, in order and up to date. It is the identity book of the pupil and considered as a record. It is personal and is open to inspection only to teachers, parents and guardians.
  2. Pupils must wear the school uniform on all working day. Pupils can wear coloured dress (Formal Shirt / T-shirt with collar and trousers) on their birthdays and on occasions specified by the Principal.
  3. The outer cleanliness of the pupils should be the reflection of their inner purity. Hence every pupil should be neatly dressed with his hair well trimmed & combed to one side and his shoes duly polished. Games or other activity that soils the dress or shoes should be avoided before class.
  4. The medium of instruction is English. All the students must keep the rule of Language and speak only in English at all times in the school premises.
  5. The pupils must take keen interest in all the House activities and render full co-operation to their House captains. They must contribute their abilities and talents for the success of their House.
  6. It is strictly compulsory to participate in the Co-curricular activities of the school. Every pupil should choose a recognized game or sport and be trained in it, while at school. Everyone should also belong to one of the Social, Cultural or Literary Associations of the school.
  7. Any change of pupil’s residential address or parent’s mobile number or phone number should be intimated to the Principal and the school office without delay.
  8. Use of chewing gum is banned in the School premises.
  9. The names of students who are absent for more than 5 days without any information will be removed from the Attendance Register.
  10. Pupils should take care of their books and belongings Parents are requested to see that their children do not wear ornaments or bring jewellery of any kind to school.
  11. They must not bring any electronic gadgets, like a cellular phone, pager, floppies, camera, transistor, walkman, memory stick, laser lights, CDs, magazines, etc . It is not advisable to bring money or valuables to school. If they are brought, they will be handed over to the Principal and will not be returned as a matter of course. The school is not responsible for any loss.
  12. Purchase of food articles from roadside vendors is prohibited.
    Note books will be checked periodically. Students are responsible for submitting the note books at the specified time in a neat manner.
  13. Hair and nails must be neatly maintained. Dyeing of hair, wearing earrings, French beard and any form of undesirable hair style is strictly banned. Any student deliberately violating the rule will be suspended.
  14. No student is allowed to drive a car or a motor cycle to school or inside the school campus.
  15. Pupils are not allowed to meet parents or to leave the school premises during school hours without the permission of the Principal.
  16. Smoking is forbidden inside the campus.

Open Day:

  1. Parents are expected to meet the Class Teacher on the OPEN DAY when progress reports are handed over. The parents whose wards have failed in any subject are requested to meet the concerned subject teacher as well.
  2. When there is a quarrel or fight among the students, they are forbidden to manhandle, hit, hurt or use violence against others. The matter must be brought to the notice of the P.E.T. Masters, Vice Principal, Principal immediately for necessary action
  3. No Parent is permitted to take any action against any of our school boys for their misconduct. The Management will not be responsible for any grave injury caused inside or outside the campus.


  1. When teachers or persons to whom respect is due, enter the class or leave, the pupils are expected to stand up spontaneously and greet them respectfully.
  2. Silence is very conducive to quiet reflection and study, both for one’s self and others. Hence if anyone wants to ask questions or doubts or discuss matters of study with the teachers or his classmates, permission of the supervising teacher is necessary.
  3. Loud talking or clapping of hands or any disturbance to other classes is never permitted. For choral recitation or singing or anything else that is liable to cause disturbance to other classes, pupils will be taken outdoors.
  4. In the absence of the teacher the class leader immediately takes charge of the class and reports the fact to the Principal, with the help of the assistant leader. Pupils are expected to study their lessons in strict silence and seriousness in the absence of the teacher.
  5. No one may take up any collection of money or impose a fine without the authorization of the Principal. Neither presentation of gifts either by pupils or parents to teachers, nor any demonstration of any sort towards the teachers may be done, without the explicit permission of the Principal.
  6. Pupils are not permitted to remain in the class room after class hours. Exceptions need special permission.


  1. Every pupil should try to keep up the high standard of St.Bede’s by excelling in good manners and exemplary behaviour towards the staff and the students.
  2. No books, periodicals, newspapers or pictures other than the prescribed ones, may be brought into the school premises with out the permission of the Principal. Likewise articles liable to prove a source of disturbance such as crackers, water pistols, colour powder / paint etc. must not be brought to the school premises.
  3. Scribbling on the walls, furniture or floor is to be strictly avoided. Any damage to school property including games and sports equipment will have to be compensated. The decision of the Principal / Administrator regarding the amount to be paid is final
  4. Dangerous or harmful games, and amusements are strictly forbidden in the premises of the school. Students must avoid everything that hurts one another.
  5. After school hours or any function, the pupils must go out of the school building and the premises in an orderly and disciplined manner.
  6. During school hours pupils may leave the premises ONLY with the permission of the Principal and after informing the class teacher.
  7. Pupils are not allowed to receive letters or other correspondence in school address without special permission.
  8. Pupils suffering from contagious diseases are not permitted to attend school.
  9. Pupils are forbidden to be members of any political organization, or any club or association outside the school. Written permission of the Principal is necessary to join any Recreation Club, Library or Other Organizations.
  10. All pupils are responsible to the school authorities for their behaviour outside the school too. On their way to and from school, they are expected to behave in a good manner.
  11. Irregular attendance, habitual idleness or neglect of duty, long absence without leave, disrespect towards the members of the staff, malpractices during examinations, stealing, bad moral influence or any other grave fault deemed as such by the school authorities justify dismissal from school.


  1. The school accepts no responsibility if, through failure in wearing the school uniform or in bringing books to class or signature of parents on remarks written by the teacher or on the absence record in the Handbook, the pupil is obliged to return home during class hours. The school cannot be held responsible for accidents minor or serious to pupils during school hours.
  2. Utmost care will be taken by the School Authorities for the safety of the pupils during picnic, excursion, camp etc. However the School cannot be held responsible for accidents, minor or serious to pupils during the above mentioned activities.


  1. As Reading Habit is very essential for learning and acquiring knowledge, pupils are encouraged to take the maximum advantage of the School Library.
  2. For an orderly access to the library and to preserve the books in good condition for the use of everyone, the pupils must observe the rules of the library and take care of the books.
  3. When a book is issued, the pupil should examine it at once and call the attention of the librarian to any damage found in it. If he fails to report it on time he will be held responsible for any damage detected later. The loss of a book must be made good by paying the cost of it to the school.
  4. Anyone who borrows books from the library, including members of the staff, should return the same on the due date to facilitate their circulation among others.


  1. Without the prior permission of the teacher or the lab attender, students are not allowed to enter the laboratory.
  2. Students must not play with or waste chemicals.
  3. Lab Equipments to be handled with care.
  4. Splashing or wasting water is considered an irresponsible act.
  5. Burners when not in use must be turned off.
  6. If chemicals spill over during heating or transfer, the place must be cleaned at once with a towel.
  7. When a test tube or any apparatus is broken the lab attender must be informed.
  8. While leaving the lab, student must ensure that the burners and the electrical appliances are switched off.
  9. Students must observe absolute silence while they are in the labs.



  1. Kindly discourage your child from taking leave as far as possible.
  2. Go through your child’s diary daily, to check whether there is a message for you and countersign it.
  3. Keep in touch with the day to day progress of your child and discuss it with the Principal regularly at the appointed hours.
  4. Criticism of a student’s teacher or the school in the presence of the child should be avoided.
  5. Parents will be called to the school office for the habitual late coming of their ward.
  6. Only English should be spoken in the school premises in order to obtain a command over spoken English. Parents are requested to encourage this practice at home also.
  7. After every terminal examination, the parents of students who have not performed well will have to meet the Principal, to take the Progress Report in person, at the appointed time.
  8. Parents are requested to examine the Progress Report issued after the Mid Term Test and Term Exams and take up remedial measures in consultation with the Principal. Parents are requested to contact the school office for any official purpose.
  9. The school periodically organizes Parent- Teacher meetings, in which, talks are arranged on child education and child welfare. Attendance of at least one of the parent in such meetings is compulsory.
  10. Parents are welcome to see the Principal with prior permission on all working days.
  11. Parents / Guardians may meet the teachers or the children only after obtaining permission from the Principal. They are requested not to enter unnecessarily and disturb classes.
  12. The entrusting of a pupil to the school implies that the parents agree to abide by the rules and regulations and decision of the school. Parents should see that their children prepare home lessons properly and devote at least 2 -3 hours in the evenings to their studies.
  13. As Education is primarily the responsibility of the parents, they are expected to co-operate with the school community with regard to pupil’s integral growth. Therefore, parents are requested to follow up the child in his process of growth and maintain a cordial, co-operative relationship with the school authorities.
  14. Car owners are requested to instruct their drivers to observe the traffic regulations, so as to enable a smooth flow of traffic and ensure the safety of the pupils.
  15. Parents are specially requested to read the rules carefully and see that they are followed.
  16. Parents are requested not to speak to the teachers during school hours. Parents who seek information or wish to complain should do so to the Principal and not to the teachers.
  17. No school business will be transacted during holidays.


  1. Read the school handbook carefully and bring it to school every day. Make a note in it of anything important to you.
  2. This is your school. Keep it clean and tidy so that you and others may be proud of it.
  3. Converse in English. Encourage your friends to do the same.
  4. Aim at full attendance and unfailing punctuality.
  5. Inculcate good values and imbibe good qualities of honesty and sincerity.
  6. Work hard and do well in every field. Your parents, school and nation expect a lot from you.
  7. Do not leave the classroom or school compound without prior permission.
  8. Always behave in such a way that your parents and teachers feel proud of you.
  9. Take care of the school property. This is your second home.
  10. You will be fined for damages at the discretion of the school authorities.
  11. Read good books and cultivate good manners.
  12. Be systematic in everything you do. Prepare a schedule, allotting time for work as well as play.
  13. Read the newspaper daily. It will keep you aware of what is needed in the highly competitive world of today.
  14. Never give up till you succeed. Untiring effort is the need of the hour.
  15. Each one of us has been created for a definite purpose. So identify your talent, interest and develop it relentlessly.
  16. Keep your voice low during conversation; people will listen to you more.
  17. You are the master of the unspoken word and slave of the spoken word.