• Sam Joshua – LKG
  • “Learning gives Creativity. Creativity Leads To Thinking. Thinking Provides Knowledge. Knowledge Makes You Great. — APJ. Abdul Kalam We would like to thank you for the arrangements and initiative for conducting the online classes during these tough times of pandemic. Though my kid went to play school for 6 months in the earlier year and we were much worried about the break after the pandemic during April & May. Luckily this online classes makes him to continue his learning process without any break. We ourselves are training our ward and per the guidance & inputs provided by you through the daily assignments & activities. We are making him to continue the learning process without a break. The standard teaching techniques have been used and the learning process seems to be so lively. As a parent we would really be thankful for your guidance to the kids. “
  • Yatharth Venkat – LKG
  • “Thank you for all the efforts you take to help our kids learn. This is a completely new modality of learning which is indeed challenging for both teachers and children. My son Yatharth looks forward to listening to you in the videos and thoroughly enjoys them. I for one love your voice, its absolutely calming and firm at the same time. While i was initially worried about the review, your effort to make both parent and child comfortable is commendable.
  • Joantrick Thomas UKG-A
  • Teaching videos are good ma’am, only thing we miss is the class environment for English and Tamil rhymes where they sing them together. Not an easy task for us to make him sing rhymes. That’s the only challenge we have. The wording sheets AG AD AM words are really good to make him understand and say it. Tamil videos are also good to make him sing. He loves the worksheets. Activities make him learn with his own interest. Can add few more worksheets for Tamil. Today’s session was really good. Jo never talks to relatives over phone instead he turns the camera and will check his face. Today when he saw you during the call he was like a student in front of a teacher in reality. Thank you for today’s review ma’am.
  • Aafiq TM UKG-A
  • Thanks for scheduling this session. It was really awesome and also it gave an opportunity to interact with his class teacher directly face to face. A session like this will make the student remember the classroom and school when school reopens after lock down.